Want something expunged? Starting December 1st, 2017, expunging your record just got a lot easier in NC

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Having a criminal record can negatively impact your life even after you pay your debt to society. As you may have encountered, if the court finds you guilty of a crime, they can have you pay a fine, spend time in jail or prison, or give you community service. But what about your permanent record? What about when somebody searches your name? Can you have these records removed? The answer is yes and how long it takes is even shorter than it used to be.

Some misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged and wiped off your record PERMANENTLY. This might mean that a new job you are applying for won’t have access to your criminal records. Having trouble applying for a credit card? Bank loan? Friends or family searching your name? Want to serve on a committee or board? 

Even though the court has made you pay your debt to society, as you can see, certain people may discriminate against you because of your record and not allow you to pursue your dreams or aspirations. Expunging your record is a good idea for anyone and here are some rules that are changing starting December 1st:

  • Wait period for nonviolent misdemeanors is now only five years.  Nonviolent Felonies are ten years.
  • There is no more “limit” to the amount of expungements you want.
  • Certain misdemeanors still can or cannot be removed.
  • No matter how many charged your charges have been dismissed, or you have been found not-guilty, all of these charges can be permanently expunged if you have not been convicted of a felony. Before this amendment, there was a limit.

So, really what you’re doing with this action is protecting your name and your status within society. If a charge was dismissed in court it still shows up on a background or criminal record check. The chances of an entity negatively discriminating against you is a lot larger with a criminal record. Depending on the class, age, and conviction type, is important information an attorney will need to know when evaluating your facts. Contact my offices right now for a plan to clean your record.