Wait Until You Read How Bad "Texting" and Driving Is Getting

Texting and Driving - Attorney Tim Pavone

In two years, the fatality rate for US drivers has risen 14.4%. What you can probably guess is, this is because a large portion of smartphone users are "texting" or "social media-ing"and driving. Smart phones are now the phone, as 81% of Americans own one. Here are a few of my takeaways:

  1. I'm willing to bet, if you drove 5 total minutes in the city of Charlotte, you would definitely spot at least one person on their phone. It's impossible for CMPD, or your local town to keep up with that kind of volume.

  2. A driver using their phone when driving is now, the great big elephant in the room. Nobody wants to talk about it, call their driver out, or admit how often they phone and drive.

  3. The danger of "talking" on the phone may have not been taken seriously by everyone, including myself.  That is probably because you could demonstrate to someone how you could talk and drive "pretty well" at the same time. There is no way you can make the argument however, when you are texting or social media/internet use on the phone. The increase in accidents I think clearly demonstrates that point.

  4. Enforcing the law seems impossible. Also, I'm guessing that we are a bit of time away for a tech device to detect that we are actually driving a car and the phone would automatically turn off. (as opposed to just being a passenger or commuting on the train).

  5. Drinking and driving is universally condemned. The penalties can be harsh. As a society, we need to move towards a public policy that cannot accept driving with phone.

I am guilty of it, I'm sure you are too! Don't let phone use hurt one more person.