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Why Our Firm?

Details. Diligence.


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A good settlement can take work and attention to detail is critical. A lot of the time, settling is a smart and useful way to reach a favorable outcome for your client. The true art and ability to correctly choose between accepting or offering a particular settlement, is a skill that you want your attorney to have. I welcome any insurance company or adverse party to attempt to settle because I always ensure that a settlement offer fairly represents my client’s injury or harm. Having worked for an insurance company and understanding their point of view, is valuable knowledge, when settling ensues.


Having an attorney who has a passion and willingness to take your case to a judge and jury is key in the court room. The passion and desire to zealously advocate for a client is a must for an effective communicating attorney in the court room. Having the stamina and joy for a winning verdict, is what separates tremendous trial advocacy. 

Attorney Tim Pavone
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