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DMV Hearings

DMV Hearings

DMV Hearings

DMV hearings can result from what seemed to be a minor traffic violation. Many are unaware of how easily a driver can be subjected to a DMV hearing. Once you are required to have one, it can be a scary, unfamiliar task. Knowing the repercussions of the different outcomes at your DMV hearing is essential. What may sound like a few points, could turn into increased insurance or a revoked license, if you are unsure of where you stand and what your options are. With an experienced attorney, you can be sure of your options. DMV hearings require an understanding of your current situation of points on your license, insurance, and the court system. They can all intertwine to create a process which can be hard to maneuver through on your own. Knowing when you should request a hearing on your own is also an important aspect. Sometimes they are necessary to obtain your license again or to handle various other matters. When looking at the DMV’s website you can find a variety of forms and categories for hearings. It is important that you determine which form and hearing applies to your needs. You must then complete the form and submit it with the applicable hearing fee. Hearing requests are submitted through postal mail, so it is pertinent that you enclose the correct fee amount in the envelope, along with the form to ensure your request is filled. You can find the DMV hearing request forms here.


Hearings Offered through the DMV include:

      • ​Driver license
      • Ignition interlock
      • State inspections
      • Franchise dealer disputes
      • Commercial driver license violation (third-party)
      • ​Liability insurance
      • Expedited liability insurance for commercial vehicles
      • Station or technician license denial
      • ​Dealer or salesman license denial
      • ​Dealer bond cancellation


If you need to cancel a DMV hearing you must also fill out a form and submit it.

The DMV does not provide refunds for cancelled hearings. Maneuvering through the DMV’s website, long lines, and long phone holds is not necessary. If you hire The Law Offices of Attorney Timothy J. Pavone, none of that will be necessary, your rights will be protected, and you will receive the best possible outcome for your situation.


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